Saturday, 16 May 2015

Cingjing Farm @ Taiwan

Took some photographs at the Cingjing Farm in Taiwan using my iPhone 5S last October 2014.

Sheep #1
Sheep #2

Monday, 11 May 2015

Allamanda Blanchetii

Someone planted this morning glory lookalike plant at the garden near the lift lobby. I'm curious what plant is this. The flowers did not wither away and looked fresh for at least 3 days. Anyone knows what is the name of the plant? Thanks.

Thanks to Houzz community and carolb_w_fl for identifying the plant.

Allamanda Blanchetii
Allamanda Blanchetii
Allamanda Blanchetii
Allamanda Blanchetii

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Random flower photographs

I went to my friend's house in Johore Bahru and she had a mini garden outside her gates. I couldn't resist the vibrant colours of the flowers. I took out my iPhone and took a few shots.

Camera: iPhone 6 Gold 64gb
Lens: default
Day time outdoors

Thanks to Gardenweb forum in Houzz, people in the forum have identified the plants/flowers and I have updated the names in the photos.

Melampodium (Butter Daisy)
Melampodium (Butter Daisy)
Ruellia Brittoniana
Ruellia Brittoniana "Pink"