Thursday, 25 December 2014

peperomia hoffmannii

This plant, peperomia hoffmannii, has a strange flower and I used my macro lens attachment onto my iPhone 6 and took a few shots. I selected one shot and posted below. I'm not sure whether the two rose-liked leaves are the flowers. It has a baby corn-liked structure at the middle. This is typical of a peperomia hoffmannii and I think this is plant. The macro lens is unable to focus the baby corn-liked structure and it is blurred at the tip. When I was taking this shot, I wanted to feature the rose-liked leaves but I was not able to focus there too. The iPhone AF is not able to focus on the two roses. It would be good if it can focus on all objects.

Camera: iPhone 6 Gold 64gb
Lens: Macro
Day time indoors

peperomia hoffmannii

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